Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more common questions we get asked about by our clients. Can’t find something? Contact Us!

Unlike accountants, selling and valuing small businesses is all that we do. By specialising in this area we know the market, we have the sales evidence necessary to provide market-based valuations, are we are able to provide our clients with a fast and professional service.

Our fees are low because we have lower overheads. We offer fixed-price valuation engagements where you agree to the terms before we start – so you know exactly what the cot will be, and what we will do.

We always visit the business and always sit with you to discuss the valuation before we sign-off.

We use our experience, sales data, market comparisons with other businesses and apply multiple valuation techniques.

Buying a business is a big decision. Once you have bought it, you can’t give it back if you don’t like it. When looking for a business to buy you will no doubt be given endless advice and opinions from financiers, business brokers, agents, family, and friends. The smart thing to do is to get a qualified accountant to look at the financials of the business you are considering buying, and to discuss the suitability of the business, and the issues that surround your decision to buy.

A qualified Accountant can offer an unbiased opinion and assessment of the business. Accountants are experts at looking a set of financial figures and working out just how healthy a particular business is.

It is normal practice to engage an accountant to conduct ‘due diligence’ on the business that you are looking to acquire. This can be conducted either prior to signing a contract – or after the contract has been signed.

Getting an Accountant’s opinion is a vital step that should not be overlooked.

We can value businesses in all Australian states except Western Australia, and we can recommend associates in Western Australia who can provide professional results for clients.
Our valuers are either Accountants with degrees in Accounting & Finance, with years of professional experience, or have qualifications from the Australian Property Institute, or the Australian Institute of Business Brokers.
We don’t value all businesses. We only value businesses that we are familiar with. Industries that we do not cover include pubs (hotels), aviation, and aged care facilities
There is usually a seven day turn-around on the final report, depending upon when we receive all the necessary information. This does not include “down-time” that may occur whilst we are waiting to resolve questions, or waiting for additional information.
No. All business valuations are performed by a qualified business valuer who specialises in valuing small businesses. We adhere to very high standards of work practice and quality control. Automated systems and online reports are not of an acceptable standard.
We will liaise with you to gather the information that we require. Each business is unique, and the data that is required and the approach to valuation must be ‘tailored’ to suit the circumstance.

We will work with your advisors to collate all of the information that we require.

Ideally you should provide us with as much information as you can get. This will help us to provide a more accurate valuation. At a minimum we will require:

  • Trading Statements for the past 3 years
  • Profit & Loss Statements for the past 3 years
  • Balance Sheets for the past 3 years
  • Tax Returns for the past 3 years (if available)
  • A list of plant & equipment
  • Copies of all lease agreements (including equipment leases)
  • A staff roster, and details of entitlements
  • A completed disclosure form – including stockholding, debtor and creditor ledgers
  • Any interim information for the current year.
  • Business Plans, budgets or forecasts for upcoming year (if available)
Quite often we can perform a valuation without all of the above information, but this may compromise the report. If you have limited information available, we will need to discuss this with you and decide if and how a valuation report can be produced for you.

You should be able to obtain the required information from your Accountant, or your bookkeeper. If required, we can contact your Accountant on your behalf, to obtain the information. Usually we will visit you at the business and discuss the information that we require.


Because we are business brokers we may not be able to assist you – as there may be a conflict of interest.

If you are purchasing the business through another business broker the business broker should be able to provide the documents that are needed.

If you are purchasing directly from the current business owner (the vendor) they should have the required documents available, or at least be able to obtain them from their Accountant.