Our Process

Have a professional business valuation report produced by the experts in the field. At Benchmark we provide you with a detailed business valuation report within one to two weeks from engagement. Our business valuation reports fully explain the methodology and calculations used in assessing the market value of your business, and we guarantee our report.

A Benchmark Business Valuation is based on real market data. Real sales evidence – not theory, or a “spreadsheet”. This is a common problem with many valuations which are produced by accountants – they simply don’t have the access to the sales evidence needed to properly value your business.

They don’t know what is selling, and who is buying – and often an accountant’s business valuation bears no reference to the market – they are based on theory only.

Don’t simply guess

what your asset

is worth–

At Benchmark we sell hundreds of businesses each year across Australia, and we know what rates of return buyers are paying – right across the country. We also take great care and spend a significant amount of time in identifying the key strengths and weaknesses of the business – the SWOT.

Because our reports are fully documented you can also confidently forward the report to other parties that might want to review the valuation. A business valuation must be presented in a logical manner. It must be easy to read and backed up by factual evidence so that anyone can understand the basis of the valuation, and how the value is derived. Business Valuations must be based on solid and accurate information, they must be logical and sequential, and should be supported by market evidence.

Benchmark’s registered business valuers utilise actual current market sales when assessing the market value of a business. Benchmark has Registered Business Valuers working in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria – and we are able to provide business appraisal and valuations across the country. With many years of experience and training – our team has the knowledge and understanding to provide clients with market based business valuations and appraisals.

At Benchmark we have many years of sales data (evidence) to call upon to support the assessed business value. We are some of Australia’s most experienced business valuers.

–have it’s value

professionally assessed

in a Certified

Business Valuation.


- We give you a Fully Independent Written 25 Page Report

- We work with your accountant and lawyer

- Our valuers are experienced in both the sale and valuation of business

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